Thursday, May 7, 2009

Great resin substitute!!

Hello. Sorry It's been so long. So much going on all the time. But I ran across this product and it is so amazing that I had to share. It is a great substitute for your two part resins. It's called Magic-Glos by Lisa Pavelka.  

I make a lot of jewelry, bottle-caps, scrabble tiles, dominoes, etc... I usually glue an image to the scrabble tile, coat it with several layers of sealer and then apply a two-part resin to it to make it super shiny. I use Enviro-tex. It is messy, smelly and takes a super long time to cure. But the results are amazing. I've tried several different products trying to get the same results I get using the resin. I've tried UTEE. With UTEE I usually get an uneven surface with part of the product either scorched or full of air bubbles. I also have to apply several coats to give it any depth. I've also tried Diamond Glaze. Still, it gives me no dimension and I have to apply several coats. I also tried to drill through both the UTEE and the Diamond Glaze and they both ended up cracking.

I tried this stuff (Magic-Glos) today. A little (well a lot) skeptical about the claims. It is supposed to be a great substitute for resin. I tried it and I love it. It is super shiny, super thick, super tough. You can drill it, it cures in 15 minutes in direct sunlight; no mess, no smell, no mixing. It creates a great "domed" effect on the top of the tiles. Did I say it cures in 15 minutes (or less)? You squirt it directly from the bottle!! Anyways, I found this great review, which I agree with 100% Check it out and let me know what you think.

p.s. I'll try to get better at this blog thing :) Read more...