Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh how I love..... bracelet blanks

Hello.   I'm trying to get better at posting stuff.   For some reason I seem to want to work on stuff instead of write about.   Hey, i'm trying.   

I've recently discovered something called "bracelet blanks".   I love them.  They are like a clean little slate waiting to be turned into a tiny, wearable work of art.   I had heard of them before, but was formally introduced to my new love on board the 2009 Craft Chica Cruise.
(Girl, you know i'm already on board for 2010!).   We made these bracelets by adding a little bit of everything.  (A littler bit here, even more there, oh, baby, don't stop!!)    

These next ones are some I did using scrabble tiles.  I got some great, digital scrabble tile sized images on Etsy.   For a great tutorial on how to prepare scrabble tiles see
(Tiles in progress).

This last one I did with polymer clay.  I made little calaveras out of Sculpey Premo! and just glued them onto the bracelet blank.  Voila!    I have a few more ideas.  I'll post them when I finish.   
Additional tips:   I always use E6000 when gluing something to the bracelet.   Always score the metal disk that you are gluing your object to.   I use an exacto and just scratch it up a bit.  This helps with adhesion.   To get bracelet blanks go to



Thursday, May 7, 2009

Great resin substitute!!

Hello. Sorry It's been so long. So much going on all the time. But I ran across this product and it is so amazing that I had to share. It is a great substitute for your two part resins. It's called Magic-Glos by Lisa Pavelka.  

I make a lot of jewelry, bottle-caps, scrabble tiles, dominoes, etc... I usually glue an image to the scrabble tile, coat it with several layers of sealer and then apply a two-part resin to it to make it super shiny. I use Enviro-tex. It is messy, smelly and takes a super long time to cure. But the results are amazing. I've tried several different products trying to get the same results I get using the resin. I've tried UTEE. With UTEE I usually get an uneven surface with part of the product either scorched or full of air bubbles. I also have to apply several coats to give it any depth. I've also tried Diamond Glaze. Still, it gives me no dimension and I have to apply several coats. I also tried to drill through both the UTEE and the Diamond Glaze and they both ended up cracking.

I tried this stuff (Magic-Glos) today. A little (well a lot) skeptical about the claims. It is supposed to be a great substitute for resin. I tried it and I love it. It is super shiny, super thick, super tough. You can drill it, it cures in 15 minutes in direct sunlight; no mess, no smell, no mixing. It creates a great "domed" effect on the top of the tiles. Did I say it cures in 15 minutes (or less)? You squirt it directly from the bottle!! Anyways, I found this great review, which I agree with 100% Check it out and let me know what you think.

p.s. I'll try to get better at this blog thing :) Read more...