Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oh how I love..... bracelet blanks

Hello.   I'm trying to get better at posting stuff.   For some reason I seem to want to work on stuff instead of write about.   Hey, i'm trying.   

I've recently discovered something called "bracelet blanks".   I love them.  They are like a clean little slate waiting to be turned into a tiny, wearable work of art.   I had heard of them before, but was formally introduced to my new love on board the 2009 Craft Chica Cruise.
(Girl, you know i'm already on board for 2010!).   We made these bracelets by adding a little bit of everything.  (A littler bit here, even more there, oh, baby, don't stop!!)    

These next ones are some I did using scrabble tiles.  I got some great, digital scrabble tile sized images on Etsy.   For a great tutorial on how to prepare scrabble tiles see
(Tiles in progress).

This last one I did with polymer clay.  I made little calaveras out of Sculpey Premo! and just glued them onto the bracelet blank.  Voila!    I have a few more ideas.  I'll post them when I finish.   
Additional tips:   I always use E6000 when gluing something to the bracelet.   Always score the metal disk that you are gluing your object to.   I use an exacto and just scratch it up a bit.  This helps with adhesion.   To get bracelet blanks go to



Dave Robertson said...

Hi Michele, so glad you like the bracelet blanks! I think we sent some out on the cruise... Thanks for mentioning us :)

(@Rings_Things on Twitter)

Anonymous said...

I love these bracelets!!

grblog said...

Hey, Artsy Gringa! Thanks for citing my review of Lisa Pavelka's Magic Glos.... after all this time, I still love it. I recently found a NEW UV resin, and I'll be reviewing it shortly. I'll keep you posted...
craft on,

Marie S said...

I love the bracelets!! Nice job!
Good luck in the giveaway.

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Anonymous said...

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Txlonestargal said...

Where do you get the scrabble tiles? I have been looking for them. I need another A for my scrabble board. Plus for crafts!

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Smita Srivastava said...

Beautiful blog ... love the bracelets !!!

- Smita
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Kitty said...

What do you use to seal your images with before you apply the magic gloss? I always you home made Modge Podge (White glue and water) does that hold up ok?

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