Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Funky, five minute, flower pin tutorial

This is a super fast way to make fabulous, colorful pins.    (Or use these little beauties to embellish your other creations!!) 

What you will need:
  • silk flowers of various colors, shapes and sizes  
  • jumbo brads, 1" across (available at scrapbooking stores)
  • 1" round piece of chipboard
  • pin back
  • jewelry glue (E-6000 or clear liquid nails)
  • ephemera to decorate the front of the pin (bottlecaps, 1" images, broken jewelry, charms, small skulls or hearts)
Step 1:  Disassemble the silk flowers  (you will need flowers that have a hole in the middle when taken apart;  if there is no hole, you will need to make one using an 1/8" hole punch or a craft knife)

Step 2: Layer the flower pieces by placing them on top of each other.   I usually use four or five layers of different shapes and different color flowers.  

Step 3:  Thread your brad through the flower layers.  (Remember, your flowers each have a hole in the middle of them).  Line up the holes and thread the brad through.  

Step 4:   Using jewelry glue, glue your 1" piece of chipboard (or flat object of similar size) to the back of your pin.  The chipboard piece should be centered and cover the prongs of the brad.   (Here, I used a flat alphabet tin as the backing).

Step 5:  Embellish the front of your pin.  You can do this in several ways.  
  • Decopauge an image directly onto the top of the brad
  • Glue a bottle cap onto the top of the brad and then decorate the inside of the bottlecap
  • Glue bits of jewelry or charms onto the top of the brad
  • I make little polymer clay skulls that I like to glue onto the top of the bradDon't forget to use glitter glue to give the flower petals a little sparkle!

Step 6:  Using jewelry glue, glue the pin back onto the back of the pin. 



Krissi's Stitchery said...

This is great, Michele! I see this month's Scary CRAFT tutorial & craft challenge! Get ready for some traffic!

Cyndi said...

love this tutorial! thanks. great blog too. i dig the colors. i now have linked you to my blog! yay! have fun.

Sacred Snatch said...

OMG, you started blogging? Yay, When I get home tonight, I am gonna put you on my blog and pimp out your tutorails.

You really have a gift girly!

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